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a shah rukh and juhi home production

Hi, as you know by now , I am Tanmay . A lover of music and a net-freak , I am currently studying in the final year at one of Mumbai's premier Engineering Institutes, VJTI, doing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. 

I have been into music since childhood. Learning the Western Classical Flute and the Hindustani Bansuri was a great experience. Nowadays I play the keyboards and the piano. Though I started learning the piano only about 3 years ago , contrary to many people's beliefs that one should start young, I maintain the attitude that it is never too late to start learning anything, be it an instrument or anything else !

My 'obsession' with hindi movies and creating websites for those which I loved began with the Dil Se page back in August 1998. After that , I created the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Homepage which as of today has close to a Million Hits , regarded as a great achievement for a non-commercial website made at a free site! The feedback and appreciation from you all gave me the boost to make the rest of the websites. Having aproached by the Official website creators of Subhash Ghai's Taal , they incorporated my wallpapers and the my Screen saver into their own site in a new section called The Desktop Collection.

Being a great fan of AR Rahman and his music prompted me to make the Taal, DilSe, Dil hi dil mein , Pukar ,Thakshak pages. 
The latest of my work - Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani - Tanmay's Website has been a conscious effort on my part to make it one of the best Hindi Movie Pages on the net. Most of the Bollywood websites what we see today are a mixture of songs, pictures, etc. without any consideration for specialty. Making a Website which concentrates one on particular aspect ,that's where I wanna excel !

Since I may have already taken enough of your time, I leave you with the rest of my page.

Hope your time spent at this page is pleasant!!

Mail me at I would love to hear from you all !

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