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THE INTERVIEW - Now, that you've completed the Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, how do you look back on the experience?

With pride and joy. I had a blast making the film. And I'll do it again and again. Maybe make lesser mistakes. Well, I'm tired, Juhi's tired. We snap at each other but yet we're all extremely happy. We've extended all our boundaries with this film. Someday, Dreamz Unlimited will be as big as Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks. And we'll only make the films that we believe in.
Is this the film that you had set out to make?
Yup, it's the film I started out to make. It's mine. And I'm not being selfish. It's generally believed that words like me, mine are selfish, self-centered words. But I find them very, very pure. When Aryaan says, "My papa," my heart is filled
with warmth. Aryaan is not being self
ish, it's a pure natural reaction.
Similarly, Phir Bhi... is my film. I own it. Irrespective of it's fate at the box office, it'll be special. Actually all my 27 films are like my babies. I make no distinctions. But Phir Bhi... is x-tra special.
Once the film is released, Aziz (Mirza), Juhi and I will come back to our office, exchange the warmest hugs and get on with our lives. Because we have realised our dreams on screen. And we'll go on to dreaming some more... and start work on our next film. Inshallah!
What do you feel about about Juhi Chawla?
What can I say about Juhi? (Laughs) She gave me my first real break as a hero. Before we started work on Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, someone showed her my photgraphs saying that I looked like Aamir Khan. When she came on the sets, she took one look at me and went, "Eeeks, who's this horror?" Juhi taught me restraint. How to convey a lot without over- acting. My comic timing improved thanks to her. The best thing about her is that she's never over-confident. There is a vulnerability about her. She still gets into a flap when has to
do a lengthy scene.
Now I'm best friends with her husband Jai. He's a real gentleman. Which is why I floated Dreamz Unlimited with Jai and Juhi. They're my friends. I feel as protective about Juhi as I do about my sister Lala Rukh.

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